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You are focused
on your loved one.
So are we.

Let us help you through this
challenging time.

Lily Hospice

Love Until the Last Breath

At Lily Hospice, we’re founded on the premise that hospice care goes beyond the clinical to include nurturing your loved one’s passions and purpose to the very end. We want to make sure that every person’s last chapter gets written fully, so that their story is complete before it comes to a close.

Great care is taken when ushering someone into the world, and great care should be taken when they leave. After all, there’s no second chance to get it right.

Personalized, patient-driven care; it’s how we hire and it’s how we serve.

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Why Hospice?

Knowing the right time

Hospice is end of life care for those with a life expectancy of six months or less. The focus is on comfort, not cure.

Lily Hospice provides a specially trained team of caregivers who provide care for your loved one, including their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Lily Hospice professionals get to know the person, not just the problem, and tailor a program of support that keeps them comfortable, engaged and valued to the very end.

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Hospice Services

Hospice helps people who are terminally ill live comfortably. Services typically include physical care, counseling, medication, equipment and supplies.

Hospice Care

More than Terminal Illness Care

Respite Care

Care is usually provided in the home, and it can be a lot for a family to manage. That’s where Lily Hospice comes in. We provide care for the patient, but we are there to support the family, too. We also can assist with respite care should the family need a rest.

Choosing the Right Hospice

Selecting the right hospice is an important decision. You are inviting that caregiver team to be an intimate part of your family as you move through a difficult and trying time. How do you know you’re making the right choice? By using your head and your heart. There are practical aspects to the decision, like licensing and accreditation, and there are personal aspects to the decision, like do I agree with this organization’s approach to caregiving and are they going to treat my loved one with dignity and respect?

A: Yes. Medicare only covers hospice care if the hospice provider is approved, and Lily Hospice is Medicare approved.

A: Yes, Lily Hospice is both federally and state licensed and holds ACHC accreditation.

A: Lily Hospice acts as an extension of your family. We do the things that families are unable to do, but we do them through a lens of love.

A: Yes. The Lily leadership team has more than 50 years of experience in hospice and senior care, and Lily Hospice employees are united by their mission.

Lily Hospice flower icon Why Lily Hospice?

Lily Hospice was formed by an experienced team that’s connected by their passion for personalized care giving. Locally owned and operated, Lily Hospice puts patients before profits.

What sets us apart, from day 1, is the priority we place on what the patient needs to be able to experience their journey peacefully. Our company and care are patient driven. If there’s a guitar someone needs to play one more time, a book they need to finish, letters to be written, goodbye tapes to be recorded, black and white photos taken so that you cannot see the illness so blatantly: we will do whatever can be reasonably done. Not everyone shows the kind of love that everyone deserves until their last breath the way we do.

Let us help you
through this
challenging time.

We will treat your loved one with dignity and respect, and we will support you as you move through this painful transition. We are here and we are ready to help.

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