The Journey Program

The Journey Program – Virtual Reality Therapy

The Journey Program uses Virtual Reality headsets that allow your current surroundings to be replaced with unique experiences. These experiences include exotic travel locations and your “must-do’s” with technology provided by Lily Hospice. Travel to Venice, go whale watching, visit your childhood home or walk the streets of Jerusalem. The possibilities are endless!

Senior Using VR Headset

Lily Hospice unique Journey Program for quality-of-life experiences.

Visit Graphic - Paris
Experience - Man Fishing
Relive Graphic - City

Our specialized virtual reality program was created to engage hospice patients, regardless of physical and mental limitations. Caregivers and families are able to share joyful moments they would not otherwise be able to share.

Our Journey Program reduces social isolation through the power of shared experience and recalled memories. Benefits include a decrease in anxiety/agitation using multi-sensory relaxation as well as pain management through distraction therapy.

The Journey Program also offers meditation which facilitates a calm peaceful environment.

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